AlertsOnDemand IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" nor guarantee "seller certification" certifications are provided by 3rd party and does not guarantee or warrant any certified members services, items quality, quantities or claims. it is advised that "Buyers" do due diligence before agreeing to or making any transactions with members. 

Please select  your Certification preference below. After payment and verification process your account will be automatically certified. Verification will be determined according to provided member registration information. Please be advised that you may or may not be contacted for any additional information needed to determine eligability for account certification. The higher the certification applied for may result in more scrutiny and background references. There is No Refund for this certification process and only on an individual basis that money submitted for application process may be applied as "member" account credit. please see "policy/Disclaimer" regarding member account and account credit use. Certification processing may take 1-90 days for approval. Please note: in order to maintain any certification status members are obligated to manage a model account and adhere to all guidelines stated within the Policy / Disclaimer. Multiple member complaints will result in certification  revocation consideration and or account termination.


1.  "Freshmen"1 yr +($25.00)
2.  "Varsity"2 yrs +($50.00)
3.  "All Pro"3 yrs +($100.00)