This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the Alerts on Demand website.

Are posting ads free?

Yes. Posting “Sub Category” ads are free for all registered members. However in order to advertise on the “Home Page” or “Preview Videos” there is a fee

Are any account upgrades, alerts, ads or gift / donations refundable?

No. However credit may be applied to some user accounts. This to be determined on an individual basis and may not be approved. Please see policy / disclaimer

I forgot my username – password what can I do?

Click on the “forgot username – password” link and follow the prompts.

WARNING: Scammers may try to steal your account by sending an official-looking email with a link to a fake AlertsOnDemand login page, hoping you\'ll type in your username and password. Look carefully at the web address near the top of your browser to make sure you are on the real AlertsOnDemand login page, https://accounts.AlertsOnDemand.com. The safest way to login is go to the AlertsOnDemand homepage directly by typing in the web address, and then clicking on the \'sign in\' link.

How can I remove pirated, inaccurate or unauthorized content from a members page?

All posted content can be flagged directly from members posted page. Flagging content will automatically notify admin for content review of member page. You may also contact admin directly via ‘contact admin’ option. At this point any additional support to claims may be submitted. Admin may elect to remove content or suspend or delete the offending members account.

What can I do about my account suspension?

Unfortunately all suspended accounts will remain inactive until offenses have been thoroughly reviewed by the review board. After this point suspensions may be lifted or account may be deleted entirely from the database. However you may contact the admin via ‘contact admin’ link to submit any supporting claims in defense of your account suspension. Please see Policy / Disclaimer

Why won\'t my profile picture upload?       

Your picture may need to be resized: The suggested size for profile pictures is approximately, width 227= pixels height 202= pixels or width 3.153= inches height 2.806= inches                                                                                                                                                       

Why won\'t my video upload?          

Please convert your video to MP4 or FLV file before attempting to upload your video.