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There are over 7 billion people in the world today. And within that 7 billion there are literally thousands of individuals with the same or similar needs and interests. This is where we come in. Alerts On Demand is a conduit for connecting like minded individuals such as yourself, in real time. Be it online or mobile. When combined with our Free Ad Tracking Software our goal is to provide Free Advertising and Banner Advertising within Niche Alert Networking platforms amongst a wide variety of Categories and broken down to Sub Categories that will allow our members a  Mass Communication bridge to Socialize, Network and interact, without sacrificing their privacy or giving up personal or sensitive information such as phone numbers, home or email addresses, IM accounts etc. and unlike more mainstream Social Networking Sites, which focuses primarily on acquiring memberships and data of every man, woman and teen. We have set our focus on YOU! the Individual, small Groups and Organizations. We pride ourselves in searching, sorting and Alerting YOU! Just tell us what you\'re Browsing for and let us find it, then we will find you. So stop wasting time surfing the web and "Go Do Something..."